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    The Famous ME

    Por Gualberto Sales


    A kingdom where glamor and a fabulous life have the same power and strength of state as wars, military actions, and political and commercial negotiations. There is no day when there are no feasts of great magnitude and awe to mere humans, in the face of so much gold and diamonds, wealth that increases the absurd rate daily, with direct visible effects on the well being of the kingdom, full of parties, parades, with dynamic civil and private life, where the coexistence between humanoids and humans is harmonious, guaranteed by a tireless work of the king and his ministers, and especially of his GALS, superior in many to the nine mythological muses. To swin in gold, to walk on spectacular, fabulous pieces of jewelery in not a metaphor, it is really part of the life of the people of the kingdom whose Minister of Economy and Finances, for example, manages abundance, exuberance, not scarcity, and whose opular festivals are riches, not to mention the endless daily gals between the king and his nearly four hundred concubines, and especially among the almost celestial and fancy banquets and galas with GALS. This all interspersed with spectacular daily wars and disputes in Congress of great democratic importance.

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